Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Live From NY it's Cloud Expo 2011!

WOW sorry folks i have not kept this site up and running properly I thought everything was feeding and wow what a suprise i got yesterday when I was told it was not...bad me I am sorry.

Well Cloud Expo 2011 is at the big J in NY.  great time seeing everyone and looking forward to day 3 today.  See you their for @andimann at 9am and @servicemesh at 135 for sure the rest of the time i will be speaking, meeting and taking in all the information i can to assist you the buyers...

After a jam-packed Cloud Tuesday here in New York, Cloud Wednesday now begins!

Cloud Expo New York presents just as full a program today as it did yesterday, perhaps even more so. Which I why I'm sending you this note to encourage you to plan your choices carefully amid the myriad sessions and activities going on at on Day Three.

Welcome too to all those who are at the Javits to enjoy the RightScale User Conference, which is also in full swing all day today.

Registration to the Largest Cloud Computing Event in the World, and to the User Conference,.is open from 7:00AM here at the Javits, at the North side of the building. Come early and avoid those inevitable last-minute lines!
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We begin with a round of technical sessions this morning, so you have a choice from seven different sessions across seven different tracks. There is also our signature Cloud Computing Bootcamp, led by our 2011 Bootcamp Instructor Larry Carvalho. (Bootcamp is located in the large room under the escalator, as it were - 1A03.)


In the main keynote room, join the ever-popular Andi Mann, of CA Technologies, for a General Session in which he will be advocating that you "Follow YOUR Path to Cloud Computing" - Should you take an evolutionary path and transform your existing IT environment to a cloud of service computing…or do you jump to the “head of the cloud”, and revolutionize your approach with a comprehensive cloud solution…or both?


Abiquo CEO Pete Malcolm then gives today's Morning Keynote. His theme: "Ops or Apps - Who Will Own the Data Center of Tomorrow?" - Until recently, he will be telling us, Apps have been at the mercy of IT Operations to feed their need. However, with the advent of public cloud offerings, Apps can bypass Ops entirely and get the resources they need with just a few clicks and a credit card. So what's next?


Our booming Expo Floor opens, along with the Demo Theater, SYS-CON.TV live interviews, and the largest collection of Cloud solutions and services providers ever yet gathered in one place at one time. Enjoy!


John Engates, CTO of Rackspace, puts open source in the spotlight when he gives a General Session in the main keynote room on "The Inevitability of an Open Cloud"


For our full Conference Golden Pass holders, Luncheon is Served! Cloud Expo luncheons are legendary - pace yourself, there is a lot of food! :)
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Wednesday,  June 8, 2:30 PM  RightScale User Conference, Multi-Cloud Track

Enterprise-Ready Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing Today, Dr. Rich Wolski - Founder and CTO, Eucalyptus

Learn about the use of Eucalyptus, Amazon Web Services,  and the RightScale Cloud Management Platform to build enterprise-grade hybrid cloud computing environments while effectively automating and managing this ensemble of technologies.

For those who like fast-moving content with the lunch we have a CEO Power Panel in the main keynote room. The question to be discussed, by some of the sharpest minds in the industry (if you ignore me for a moment, hehe!): "Enterprise-Level Cloud Computing: Far-Off Dream or Present Reality?"


In the first post-lunch General Session, Dave Roberts from ServiceMesh will be outlining what he calls "The Big Win" - put another way, he'll be telling delegates to "Stop Playing Small-Ball with Your Cloud Strategy." He'll offer some great perspectives on how leading enterprise cloud adopters are swinging for the fences and running up the score.

2:25PM-4:00PM  Technical Breakout Sessions

Again, remember, technical sessions will be taking place simultaneously on all seven tracks, with some great sessions to choose from - you will receive a handy Daily Schedule as you register.

- complete with afternoon snack break!

5:35 PM

The final two rounds of technical breakout sessions round off the day. As ever at CloudExpo, there are great sessions right up to the last minute.

Enjoy Day Three of the show. Remember to tag it as #CloudExpo in your tweets. Enjoy your "Cloud Wednesday" in scorching hot New York City!

Jeremy Geelan
Conference Chair
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