Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Five Key Pillars for Digital Transformation

Business leaders need to digitally transform across five key pillars

Assets and Internet of Things - How can I better utilize my products and assets?
  • Analyze sensor data from products, and deliver outcome-based experiences
  • Monitor assets on the factory floor to predict failure and decrease downtime
  • Gain instant visibility into whereabouts of in-transit materials to drive new scheduling efficiencies
Customer Experience - How can I deliver an omnichannel experience?
  • Personally with one-to-one marketing
  • Personalize products and offerings by slicing and dicing customer data on the fly
  • Predict customer behavior, and make context-relevant product recommendations
Core Business Processes - How can I digitize my core?
  • Move away from lengthy and time-consuming batch processes 
  • React quickly to market signals happening in real-time across the value chain 
  • Connect my enterprise to people, devices, business and social networks
Workforce Engagement - How can I better engage my workforce?
  • Attract and retain talent by clearly communicating business impact
  • Enhance decision making with a cross-device, personalized user experience
  • Gain full visibility into critical human resource gaps to prevent business disruption
Suppler Collaboration and Business Networks - How can I increase supplier collaboration?
  • Extend business processes, and deliver new value to customers 
  • Gain the flexibility to customize to changing customer demands in shorter planning cycles 
  • Orchestrate profitability with real-time sensing of demand-and-supply data
Are you ready to experience Digital Transformation?
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Monday, April 25, 2016

A word with Approyo CEO: SAP - A Disruptive Technology

Approyo CEO Chris Carter talks about how SAP and S/4HANA can be a disruptive technology.

Now is the time to ride the wave of momentum for SAP HANA
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

SAP HANA continues to see growth through Q1 2016

SAP released its Q1 financial report this week. SAP's transformation to a cloud software company continues to accelerate, with the company reporting 33 percent growth in cloud subscriptions and support revenue in its first quarter.

Q1 SAP Highlights:
  • Cloud Revenue Up 33%
  • SAP S/4HANA momentum continues, now exceeding 3,200 customers
  • Growing operating profit amidst industry transformation in contrast to main peer
  • High visibility into strong second quarter and full year pipeline across all regions
  • indicates increasing momentum as the year progresses – SAP firmly reiterates outlook
Approyo continues to see major momentum with our SAP HANA Cloud offering. 

Our vision is to be the world's most customer centric Enterprise SAP HANA Solution Company. Our certified SAP HANA environments are designed and tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

Recently, Approyo was recognized among 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2016 by CIOReview.  Plus, we expanded our reach to Latin America and throughout Europe to continue to meet the demand of our customers and the market. Combined with our global growth, we are seeing high demand for SAP HANA cloud solutions throughout North America. 

Now is the time to ride the wave of momentum for SAP HANA
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Living in a digital economy

The digital economy is developing rapidly worldwide. It is the single most important driver of innovation, competitiveness and growth, and it holds huge potential for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes across the world.

In the last two years:

  • 90% - Of the world’s data has been generated
  • 40% - Growth in adoption of business networks

By 2020, its estimated:

  • 9 billion - Mobile users in the world
  • 212 billion -  “Things” will be connected

Are you keeping up with the changing world?
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Five technology trends are dramatically reshaping the economy

Technology is drastically altering the economic landscape around the world. Is your company ready? Here five of the most important trends today:

Every consumer and machine is connected, disrupting established business channels, processes, and relationships.

Smarter world
Sensors, robotics, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence are the new normal, driving an outcome-based economy.

The limits of 20th century computing power are gone. Networking and in-memory computing allow for the creation of new business opportunities previously unimaginable.

Cyber security
Trust remains the ultimate currency, giving security-focused businesses a significant advantage in brand reputation.

Cloud computing
Technology infrastructure is now rented to eliminate barriers to entry. Project timelines are dramatically shortened, and customer relationships are becoming increasingly direct

Let Approyo help! 
Approyo can help your company deal with the changing world. Our SAP HANA and Big Data solutions address these trends. Let us show you how! Set up a free consultation today.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Approyo Recognized Among 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2016 by CIOReview

Approyo is honored to announce that it has been selected among 20 most promising SAP solution providers list of 2016 by CIOReview.

The annual list showcases the 20 most promising SAP solution providers 2016. The positioning is based on evaluation of Approyo’s specialties in helping clients to achieve efficient and better business solutions. The shortlisted companies were then taken up by a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs analysts including CIOReview editorial board.

Approyo is honored to be part of the CIOReview list of 20 most promising SAP solution providers 2016”, said Christopher Carter, CEO of Approyo. “This achievement confirms Approyo’s goal of becoming the world's most customer centric Enterprise SAP HANA organization.

Approyo’s growth has been a direct result of the team’s commitment to continually expanding the value that it provides to its customers and partners, and we are glad to feature them this year in our top companies list”, said Jeevan George, Managing Editor, CIOReview. “Managing SAP data has never been simpler for the hundreds of Global 2000 companies that rely on Approyo, and we’re happy to showcase them.

View the CIOReview Profile:

About CIOReview
When it comes to identifying “The Best” in different areas of tech business, CIOReview seems to create a niche of its own. Through consultations and nominations with the industry leaders and thought experts, CIOReview constantly ventures and makes efforts to choose the most promising one in different domains of the tech business. SAP Solution Special Edition is an annual listing of 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers 2016 in the U.S. For more information, visit the website at:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Approyo SAP HANA Case Study: Saving the Trucking Industry with SAP HANA

The American trucking industry is critical to the lives of every person living in the United States. If the trucks stopped rolling, the grocery store shelves would be empty within 48 hours. And yet, this industry is still run with technology built during deregulation in the 1980’s. AS/400 based operating systems are commonplace, and even the more modern systems are built on technology platforms that are over 10 years old.

Covenant Transportation Group (CTG) is a top 50 for hire carrier in the trucking industry. With three asset based operating companies and 3500 drivers, it has a 30 year history of serving a variety of market segments and customers.  In early 2014, CTG decided to commit to a new technology initiative: predictive modeling and advanced analytics. After a competitive bidding process, CTG selected the SAP Predictive Analytics package over SAS and IBM SPSS solutions. It quickly became apparent that to get the most out of this software suite, speed and power on the database side would be critical.

Enter SAP HANA powered by Approyo for CTG. By harnessing the power of SAP HANA and taking relevant weather, driver, critical event, routing and logistic data and creating one of a kind predictive analysis, CTG is able to get the right driver matched to the right freight, supported in the right way to get from the shipper to the receiver safely, efficiently, and happily.