Friday, August 14, 2015

Approyo Presents: Demystifying SAP HANA in the Cloud

SAP HANA has some common myths throughout the technology world. SAP HANA cloud solutions changed the way SAP HANA is deployed and used.

SAP HANA is a relational database that runs in-memory for fast access, allowing business analysts to query large quantities of data without having to wait for the database to read and write data. This speed allows users to explore and analyze both analytical and transactional data from almost any data source.

Download our Whitepaper: Demystifying SAP HANA and learn how SAP HANA in the Cloud:

  • Speeds up SAP HANA deployment
  • Streamlines SAP HANA implementation 
  • Increases your organization's Big Data ROI

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Only Approyo Delivers High-Performing HANA-as-a-Service with Samurai

Samurai offers flexible subscription pricing for a fully managed simple SAP HANA Solution. Samurai makes it easy for companies to implement SAP HANA right away with a low monthly cost.

Why Samurai?
  • Worry-free SAP HANA
  • Fast Implementation in minutes
  • Low Cost
  • Flexibility

For the monthly charge of ONLY $5,000.00 per month, you get it all! 
  • 64GB SAP HANA license ($160k value)
  • Production ready cloud service WITH FULL SLA
  • 24 x 7 Customer support
  • Full managed services of Cloud infrastructure and HANA
  • A dedicated HANA team to ask questions ANY time you have them