Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is SAP HANA right for your organization?

Not sure if SAP HANA is a big enough value for your operations?

Let Approyo help and evaluate your landscape to reveal the estimated time and cost savings. Our complimentary SAP HANA Consultation will provide you with details on what real-time processes will be accelerated and what insights can be gained to determine if SAP HANA is the right solution.

Faster Rollout

  • Rapid deployment leads to increased ROI
  • Deploy in less than 30-days (70-100% faster vs on-premises rollout)

Conserves Cash

  • Shift CapEx to OpEx, minimizing up-front costs and reducing Infrastructure TCO an average of 28% or more (based on 3 years)
  • Hosting and network services from the SAP-certified leader with customers around the globe

Maximum Flexibility

  • Grow the HANA database, add new apps, and expand geographic footprint with the greatest speed, lowest cost, and least disruption

Reduce IT complexity

  • Let Approyo focus on the solution so your IT doesn’t have to accommodate a net new platform or manage yet another system

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Approyo Introduces Pay-As-You-Go SAP HANA

Approyo recently launched a new subscription-based offering of the SAP HANA platform code-named “Samurai”. In addition to providing the in-memory computing platform as a service, Samurai will offer managed services, licenses and full infrastructure capabilities.

Samurai offers increased flexibility for companies looking to move to SAP HANA or who have yet to fully utilize their license capacity. Samurai includes: managed and implementation services, hosted SAP HANA system architecture and infrastructure services and managed SAP license services. In addition, customers will have access to the newest updates to SAP HANA, including the newest release SAP S/4 HANA.

“Simplifying the process of leveraging SAPA has always been one of our biggest goals,” said Marcus Retrac, President of Approyo. “With Samurai, we are able to provide a new, cost efficient and simple way to leverage SAP HANA. Now companies of any size have no excuse for missing out of HANA.” 
Approyo’s Samurai starts are $5,000 per month and includes a 64GB SAP HANA license, production ready cloud service with full SLA and 24x7 customer support.

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