Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SAP Upgrade Assessment' service for a flat charge

We can offer 'SAP Upgrade Assessment' service for a flat charge of $9000 US We can also tier the pricing, based on number of custom objects that you the customer would have (<5000 custom objects; 5k to 10k; 10 to 20k; > 20k custom objects etc.) The job can be performed remotely.
Here are our details...

Execution Model:
- you the customer should bring up a sandbox ECC 6.0 system loaded with the old objects
- We will deploy the assessment tool (Impact Analyzer) in this system remotely
- Run the Impact Analyzer tool
- Following are the deliverable's:
O Inventory list of custom objects
O Details of Source objects affected by Upgrade
- by Type (Reports, Function Modules, etc.)
- by Level of impact (High impact, Medium impact, Low impact)
- by category (Syntax Errors, Unicode Errors, Obsolete statements, Obsolete Function Modules used, BDC issues, Warning & Informational Extended checks)
O Effort estimation for Code Adjustment (to help on overall Project Plan)

We would like to connect with you and your team to discuss about our SAP Upgrade offerings. and how we can effect proper change in your upgrade.

Thank you
Christopher Carter VSP, CCSP
12745 Townsend Rd,
Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: 262.439.8391
Cell: 414.614.1394
Fax: 262.439.8729
PF: 414.892.5773

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