Thursday, February 19, 2015

Approyo and TIP Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership delivers SAP Certified Integration for Quality Management Assurance and Shop Floor Execution Software Solution.

Approyo and TIP Technologies are proud to announce a new strategic partnership creating a collaborative solution for Discrete Manufacturing organizations deploying SAP ERP and Supply Chain Management solutions. The newly formed alliance provides a focused QMS/SFE solution and delivers an immediate measurable ROI. TIPQA™, a well-established solution, is implemented around the world supporting Aerospace and Defense, Medical Device, and Automotive manufacturing organizations.  The partnership will allow both companies to offer TIPQA™ within a state-of-the-art SAP ecosystem.

“The partnership with TIP Technologies allows us to enhance our solution offering,” said Marcus Retrac, President of Approyo. “TIPQA is a great complement to our industry leading SAP HANA solutions and we are proud to be able to extend our partnership and offer this significant benefit to our customers.”

“Our partnership with Approyo continues to keep us at the forefront of the market with a versatile offering that provides clients an integrated, best-in-breed solution for streamlining shop floor and quality operations, while delivering a new standard for measuring quality,” said Mike Miller, CEO and Founder of TIP Technologies. “We believe this collaboration is a perfect fit for our customers who operate within the SAP ecosystem, and will empower customers with the tools they need to deliver quality products and advance in today’s competitive market.”

Customers are already seeing the benefit of this new partnership. TIPQA™ is off-the-shelf quality assurance software that is scalable and highly configurable. With Approyo’s focus on the SAP ecosystem, and the certified interface for SAP, the solution can be configured for each organization to meet specific requirements supporting other business systems.

“The implementation of the latest TIPQA™ software with the SAP Certified Interface has significantly impacted our manufacturing processes at Labinal Power Systems by reducing duplicate entry in our receiving inspection process,” said Craig Parker, Quality Administrator. “Initial improvements indicate a projected 25% decrease in receiving inspection flow time, which will provide an exceptional return to our organization.” 

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