Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Approyo Reaches Milestone with 50th SAP HANA Client Cloud Solution

Approyo, a leading SAP HANA Solutions Provider, announced the successful launch of the 50th SAP HANA client cloud solution. Approyo's 50th SAP HANA Cloud Solution was built for our customer, SearchYourCloud.

"The approach used by the Approyo team was exceptional,” said Simon Bain, CEO of SearchYourCloud. “Their guidance and support during the purchasing and setup stages were second to none, and since moving away from AWS and on to the Approyo servers, we have not just cut costs, but also increased access speeds and enabled ourselves to concentrate on the application stack and not have to worry about our servers, as we know the backups and network and hardware are in good hands."

"Approyo has been providing SAP HANA-based solutions to a wide range of customers that are expanding their business presence," said Marcus Retrac, President of Approyo. "This milestone represents our core belief that SAP HANA cloud solutions from Approyo are scalable for companies of any size, from small and mid-sized companies to enterprises."

Approyo has been providing SAP HANA in the cloud for the last three years. We believe SAP HANA is suitable for companies of all sizes. The entire platform is built using the best solutions in the market. This allows clients to benefit immediately from SAP HANA, without the massive upfront cost structure typically seen with those bare metal solutions.

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