Thursday, November 6, 2014

Webinar - One stop shop for SAP HANA with Approyo and Blue Medora

Free SAP Hana Webinar - One Stop Shop for SAP HANA
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One stop shop for SAP HANA

Quickly set up and access all your SAP HANA needs with Approyo and Blue Medora

SAP HANA doesn't have to be overly complex to set up and monitor. Through our partnership, we offer our customers with a one-stop solution for your HANA tools, licenses, Managed Services and monitoring. This makes it extremely easy for you to get up and running with SAP HANA plus understand how you are utilizing SAP HANA.

Attend this webinar and learn more about:

- How we can quickly and easily get your SAP HANA environment up and running
- How your organization can simply access to data about your SAP HANA environment
- What tools and resources are available SAP HANA through Approyo and Blue Medora

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