Thursday, June 6, 2013

SAP in the Cloud

Cloud computing offers SAP customers the opportunity to achieve significant decreases in total cost of ownership (TCO), while simultaneously improving the agility, performance and resiliency of their SAP deployment. Yet because SAP enables a variety of mission-critical business processes—including finance, human capital management, asset management, sales and procurement—it is important to choose a cloud service provider with extensive SAP experience.

Criteria for SAP Success in the Cloud

Due to the complex and mission-critical nature of SAP installations, enterprises looking to migrate SAP to the cloud should seek a provider able to deliver:
  • Extensive SAP Experience: SAP is complex software with stringent infrastructure requirements, numerous modules and many configuration options. To ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, it is essential to work with a provider that is intimately familiar with the SAP landscape.
  • SAP Successes: The best indicator of a provider’s SAP knowledge and experience is their ability to help similarly situated enterprises migrate their SAP instances to the cloud.
  • Assured Performance: In order to ensure a smooth SAP experience, the cloud platform must guarantee access to the compute, storage and network resources required by SAP. The cloud provider should be willing to stand behind their service by ensuring a smooth experience from the SAP user’s perspective.

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