Saturday, September 22, 2012

SAP Hana POC's

SAP Hana POC Through the Cloud
Hana Proof of Concept NOW!
The Silver Lining® Cloud for your SAP Hana Proof of Concept allows you to jump right into your research without waiting for hardware or time to build an on-site system. You can immediately deliver capabilities to numerous staff members for assessment and acclimation. We designed our Silver Lining® solution to be seamless to your environment.

Sign up and go through a normal SAP log on GUI pad or on an Ipad or thru the web. You will have full Hana Studio access to a fully configured SAP Hana Cloud that allows you to grasp the new Hana solution, build upon knowledge needed in the complex issue of SAP, all while not having to install, service or support the solution.

Companies using SAP are engaged in evaluation, of the new Hana in memory solution. 
As companies strive to justify and leverage these investments, executive management is looking for the following –
• Reliability in testing for your POC
• ROI from the investment in new tools and applications (Try it before you buy it)
• Higher levels of acceptance, utilization and production from its user and technical communities

What is needed is the option to access a fully functional SAP Hana system where SAP users can construct Proof of Concept and Conference Room Pilot environments to experiment with this new SAP functionality – with full control and usability and no disruption to your production environment!  Approyo has invested over two years working hand in hand with SAP experts in creating a reliable, fully functional SAP Hana cloud solution to address this need.

This offering will enable any SAP client to access their own fully functional SAP Hana  environment for Proof of Concept and experimentation purposes.

Your “cloud” is highly secured and only accessed/used by your organization and requires NO internal resources (systems/ or technical staff) to utilize (Only to do a Hana Studio implementation).

This solution is intended for non-production utilization as an alternative to buying/supporting incremental servers whereby we handle the hosting of your Hana cloud instance –in 17 minutes!! As confirmed by select trial users of this offering, “the Silver Lining SAP Cloud Solution” adds tremendous value throughout the SAP POC process and is ideal for rapid, low-cost access to a fully functional Hana environment.

Contact Approyo to confirm your interest in deploying our Silver Lining SAP Hana cloud solution. We will discuss your interest and requirements for using the solution and provision your own SAP clouds. A POC term for Hana is typically been 90 days.

Companies today are adopting Hana to drive higher value to their users while stretching increasingly scarce IT dollars. Approyo is committed to assisting these companies in pursuit of this goal and strive to provide meaningful solutions that drive value into the SAP landscape.

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